Game board DBL-Lotto
  • Model No: DBL-Lotto
  • Product Name:Game board DBL-Lotto
  • Original Country:Taiwan
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  1. GSE-626A Bingo Lotto includes one virtual webpage, 8 amusements games and one gambling game (Bing oLotto).
  2. Press certain icon on the virtual webpage to enter amusement games.
  3. After password verification, user can edit system password or enter gamling game.
  4. Bingo Lotto is a VGA 60-ball bingo game.
  5. Player can buy 3 extra balls during the game to increase winning chances.
  6. Player can play the game by touchscreen, buttons or both.
  7. Player can choose 1 to 4 Bingo games.
  8. The maximum bet for each game is 100 points so the total bet is 400 points.
  9. Thirty balls will open for each game and winner can play Double game.
  10. Many bonus games are available.
  11. English and Spanish are available and can be selected by inner set-up.

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