Happy Keno game board
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  • Product Name:Happy Keno game board
  • Original Country:Taiwan
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  • Weight:0.3kgs

Popular game board in Africa. 

      Default: English
      Option: English, Espanol.


1. Happy KENO can be used to single machine or link 2 to 30 machines with BOSS, HOST and BONUS.

2. Can choose the number by touch screen or joystick.

3. The highest multiplication is 10000 (hit all 15 balls). The highest points are 50 points x 10000 = 500,000. Even though the player doesn’t hit any number, she/he still can win the prizes.

4. The system will issue more Lucky Numbers randomly to increase the player’s winning chance after the system draws 20 numbers.

5. Boss can check winning curve.

6. Main game ratio: 90%

7. Weight: 0.3kg



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